MTX Dealer Program

Cloud Commerce, Become an MTX Dealer

Price Integrity Equals Predictable Profits

For over 40 years MTX has been leading the way in the 12-volt industry. MTX's Cloud Commerce program is unlike any program offered by other manufacturers. Don't get caught up in the rumors about the program. It is designed to protect MTX brand integrity and to help brick and mortar retailers be profitable. While most manufacturers say they are "going to control the Internet", MTX has actually taken the steps to control our distribution and restore the integrity of our pricing ensuring that our Dealer Affiliates can be confident and profitable selling MTX Audio.

MTX Dealer Affiliates receive profit payments on all sales made via their no cost, customized MTX online store. Dealers can stock product and/or send their customers to their MTX web store to complete their purchases.

Simply direct your customers to your web storel and begin collecting profits, MTX handles the rest and sends you a profit payment for whatever your customers buy. There is really no reason to say no to this program; it lowers costs, allows you to predict your profitability, allows you to compete for online customers at an across the board competitive price, and costs you nothing. Program benefits include:

  • Price Integrity backed by a Unilateral Pricing Policy.
  • Predictable Profits generated by controlled distribution.
  • Easy sign up process.
  • Zero Cost of Entry with no buying requirements or monthly sales goals.
  • Reduced expenses including inventory, taxes, shipping, credit card processing, and overhead.
  • Custom MTX web portal page, accessible to your customers 24/7/365.


  • Be a valid corporate entity, specializing in audio and offering installation services.
  • Sign up as a dealer and be approved.

Joining the Program:

  • Complete Our Dealer Application

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