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MTX Audio Update - June, 2014

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How to Design a Surround Sound System for your Home Theater
How to Design a Surround Sound System for your Home Theater

Have you ever thought about purchasing a surround sound system or wanted to upgrade your existing system, but weren’t sure where to start?

Surround sound delivers a more realistic and entertaining experience whether you are watching action movies, sports, horror flicks, or even children’s movies because quality audio puts you in the middle of the action...

MTX RT8PT Complete Car Subwoofer

Five Tips For Choosing The Best Subwoofer Package

So you want a pre-assembled, complete subwoofer package for your car; something easy to choose and install?

MTX Sub Packages range from the easiest to use, complete models that include amplifier and subwoofer in an enclosure ready to rock, all the way to individual components specifically chosen and matched by our expert audio engineers to guarantee the best performance.


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MTX TP1200 Home Speaker

Product Spotlight:

The ThunderPro2 Loudspeaker

MTX ThunderPro2 cabinet speakers are designed for people that love their music and want to listen to it loud... These speakers are designed for mobile DJs, musicians, and loud music fans everywhere.

These sturdy speakers are durable enough for your home party system, garage, or live performances anywhere. The high output sound is created using a 12" woofer that delivers exceptional mid and low frequency sound reproduction and a 1" horn loaded tweeter perfect for delivering crystal clear vocals and high frequencies at high volumes...

Another MTX Dream...

Another MTX Dream...

MTX ThunderForm
15% Off ThunderForms Sale Extended!

The MTX 15% off ThunderForm Promotion was so popular we decided to extend it through Summer! Act now and get our ThunderForm Vehicle Specific Custom Car Subwoofer Enclosures at great prices.

Margaritaville Audio Headphones
Audio Dealers Visit MTX @ CE Week 2014

We invite you to visit MTX during CE Week 2014, June 25th and 26th in New York City at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

MTX Audio is celebrating its 40th year in the consumer electronics industry and is proud to be showcasing all of its high performance car, home, marine, and personal audio products to the CE Week attendees....
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