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Choosing an MTX Car Subwoofer
How To Choose The Best Component Car Subwoofer?

If you are new to car audio, choosing the right subwoofer can seem like a challenge, with so many subwoofer options out there. How can you decide which one is the best for you?

MTX Inverted Apex Car Subwoofer Surround

Subwoofer Surrounds:
The Inverted Apex Advantage

Most car subwoofers use a traditional half-roll surround where the cone surface is attached to the basket with material wrapped in a single half circle. The MTX Inverted Apex Surround design uses three folds to consume less space around the cone that provides two significant advantages: More Volume (SPL) and Better Sound.

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MTX Signature Series 7 Speakers

Product Spotlight:

New Signature Series Component Speakers

The Signature Series components with easy-install crossovers are high performance speakers designed to deliver audiophile level sound quality for discerning listeners who refuse to compromise their music and their sound...

MTX ThunderForm
Last Call! 15% Off ThunderForms

The MTX 15% off ThunderForm Promotion has only four days left! Act now and get our ThunderForm Vehicle Specific Custom Car Subwoofer Enclosures at great prices.

Margaritaville Audio Headphones
Margaritaville Audio: Releases New Multi-colored, High-End Headphones

MTX's new partnership, Margaritaville Audio, released their new family of justifiably audacious and colorful headphones reflecting the heritage of tropical partyers everywhere... and their search for great music on the beach...
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