MTX ZN7 Series ZN7450 5M 4-Channel Interconnect

MTX StreetWires ZN7 5M 4-Channel Interconnect
SKU: ZN7450
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ZN7…a superior audio interconnect! Uncompromising in sound quality and noise rejection, ZN7 Interconnects dramatically improve the audio experience in any mobile audio system —most importantly, yours!

ZeroNoise 7 interconnects deliver outstanding sound quality and include models designed for 6-channel applications. They are made with the highest-quality materials, sturdy construction, new conductor technology, and feature all new packaging with an easy tear-away back so the product is easily accessible by the consumer or installer.

ZeroNoise Interconnects are the noise free link between your source unit and your amps or other components that use RCA type (low-level) connections.
Hyper Twist® Construction
CrystalFlex® Jacket
Ultra Grip Machine Body
Ultra Grain OFC Conductors
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